Flyers and more flyers

I found a bunch of eBay auctions recently filled with a ton of Minor Threat flyers from the first few shows. I haven’t seen before, so I added them to the show list.

Also I found this small interview published in late 1983 in a local newspaper, concerning the break up of Minor Threat. Interesting to read.

MT break up interview




Show list update

I updated the Minor Threat show list with some details I found about the show Madison, WI back in April 1983.

Besides some details, I added a flyer and an unreadable show review with some pictures, which I seriously have some doubts about if they are taken at that show. If anyone has a better scan, please come forward.MadisonWIshow

Also I found this unrelated ad from the late 80’s, promoting the Minor Threat video that was released around that time.