Another fan club release

I added another fan club release, a pretty recent one from 6 or 7 years ago.

Another update

I added a 2016 fan club release and I added the improved show list.

The showlist was for 95% made by but I added a flyers I could find and I managed to add another show and some setlists.

2016 Update round one

I added a 2013 fan club release and I upgraded a lot of the pictures.

Days turn into years…

Recently I found a zillion images of scanned records I was supossed to edit well over a year ago. But due to life getting in the way. I put it on hold, since I would be a ton of hard work and I definitely couldn’t combine it with my regular stuff.

However due to the ever evolving technology, I learned to automate a lot of the editing recently and I decided to start again and finish what I started. Also I got a ton of new records too, so I have some more scanning to do.

So expect a ton of new and unseen Minor Threat and Dischord related posts in the near future.

Added the Youth Brigade split tape

Added the Youth Brigade split tape to the Minor Threat discography section.

Washington DC 1982

Another fanclub record I scanned and posted here.

Screaming At Boston

So I just posted a new update, hopefully I can keep up with posting some new stuff every few days.

Check out this weird fanclub release here.


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