Large show list update

Thanks to Pete Hawkins, I added a ton of flyers to the show list. Some are just upgraded versions but most are new ones. Also this ticket stub was included.


It was great to find two more new shows that weren’t previously listed: 1981-8-15, San Diego, CA & 1983-3-16, Nashville, TN. That Nashville show after a lengthy internet search to track down more details of the venue and I stumbled upon a local fanzine: Nashville Intellegence Report which contained a nice Minor Threat interview: nashville-ir_no12


Flyers and more flyers

I found a bunch of eBay auctions recently filled with a ton of Minor Threat flyers from the first few shows. I haven’t seen before, so I added them to the show list.

Also I found this small interview published in late 1983 in a local newspaper, concerning the break up of Minor Threat. Interesting to read.

MT break up interview



Show list update

I updated the Minor Threat show list with some details I found about the show Madison, WI back in April 1983.

Besides some details, I added a flyer and an unreadable show review with some pictures, which I seriously have some doubts about if they are taken at that show. If anyone has a better scan, please come forward.MadisonWIshow

Also I found this unrelated ad from the late 80’s, promoting the Minor Threat video that was released around that time.